Fairs and showrooms

The EDGE presents your performance in the right light. Experience new ways of placing your information and light design. Provide your customers, users and viewers with a real eye-catcher.


Multimedia installations are made for all kind of events. A quick set up and flexibility are high advantages. The EDGE should be in every organizers toolbox.

Art and Design

EDGE is a tool for creatives. It offers a new and easy way to artists and designers to get in touch with light as a medium. Light installations and product presentations: plan and realise new visions with the EDGE.

Digital Signage

Get rid of frames and fixed structures and experience the infinite variety of EDGE. There are hardly any limits in the projection on surfaces and a new variety of forms. Publicize positive attraction.

Get an EDGE – get impact!

Projection Mapping

We develop a system, that enables your idea and communication on various objects, shapes and surfaces:
EDGE C, a compact video server and the EDGE C App, the control App for the iPad. Ease of use and efficiency are focused. Adjust creativity and visual highlights easily and quickly. Videos, logos, animations, CI and more – the EDGE places your idea in the limelight.
Impressive projections are made for you. Get advertence!


The unique connection between the projection and the interface provides highest comfort with the implementation.

Create a multimedia installation within a few clicks. Act flexible on all circumstances by modifying content and shapes remotely from near and far.

Move free and wirelessly in the room, while setting the projection. No cables any longer, that limit your mobility or your point of view.

Use multiple images (PNG, JPG) and videos (MP4) to project this content perspectively independent to all forms and formats. An adaptation is always possible and the combination of effects and digital media is special.

EDGE offers absolute freedom in designing and placing your media. Polygons, triangles or curves and round edges: with the EDGE your projection is always exactly on the edge.



The “EDGE mApp free” is a demo of the interface of the EDGE C and demonstrates the operating principle. It is available for all iPads in the Apple App Store. For those who got the EDGE C already, get the full version of the App.

EDGE Server

The EDGE C is our core product and consists of a compact video server that can be connected to any Beamer. The system is operated via the advanced EDGE C App and allows the user endless possibilities of light-staging and -production.


Concept and Service
Concept development, implementation or your self-made solution – we will advise you about your project. With our reliable partners and suppliers we stand for quality and satisfaction and like to support to get the appropriate solution for your idea.
Contact us!