I can’t connect my iPad with the EDGE.

Their won’t be a checkmark in front of the connection in the settings of the iPad but it is connected.
If you still have problems with the connection, check the App and the Server for updates. If the connection still does not work, please contact us with most information about the case under help@light-instruments.de.

The picture taken by the camera is blurred.

Adjust the focus by turning the lens to the left or right.
By pressing Update Cam you can take the next picture and review the focus.

Your content is not played back correctly.

Check, if your content has got the right format.
The EDGE supports videos in mp4 in H.264, JPGs und PNGs.
If your videos are played back incorrectly, convert your content with the Adobe Media Encoder.

The USB folder does not display the media although the USB stick is connected to the server

The USB stick needs the preset in FAT32. Make sure that the content is in the formats mp4, jpg or png.
If that is sure, check the sections “media” or “videos” below:

Make sure, that the EDGE C App got the access right for pictures on your iPad. Otherwise pictures and videos can’t be displayed in the folder. The access right can be adjusted for the App at any time in the main settings of the iPad.

Check if your video is in mp4-format. Depending on the size of the file, it may take some time, until the explorer displays the file. To refresh the explorer, reopen the folder.

The content of the USB stick is displayed but not played back on the iPad.

Check in the export settings of your video converter, if the video is fitting your iPad:

iPad 3:
H.264 Video up to 1080p, 30 fps, High Profile Level 4.1

iPad 2:
H.264 Video up to 1080p, 30 fps, High Profile Level 4.1

iPad 1:
H.264 Video up to 720p, 30 fps, Main Profile Level 3.1

If you use Adobe Media Encoder / After Effects take care to activate the iPod support in the multiplexer settings.

In Adobe Media Encoder in mulitplexer:


In After Effects in format settings


in mulitplexer:


I run several EDGEs parallelly and can’t assign the EDGE via the name of the WLAN.

The WLAN name results from the Mac address that can be found underneath the EDGE server.

Tip: Change the WLAN name in the system settings via your EDGE App.


Don’t hesitate to contact us with further questions:

Email: info@light-instruments.de