What the EDGE?

We develop a system, that enhances any projector, display or LED wall with the capabilities of video mapping: EDGE. A compact video server and an iPad-App. The DS-system is complemented by a multichannel CMS.

Video Mapping is a technology, where various surfaces are illuminated by a projector with different videos, pictures and animations forming a composition.

Projections will become highlights: for information, advertising and ambience.

Til the EDGE!

The unique connection between the projection and the interface provides highest comfort with the implementation of Projection Mapping.

Create a multimedia installation within a few gestures. Act flexibly on all circumstances by modifying content and shapes remotely from near and far.

Move free and wirelessly in the room, while setting the projection. No cables any longer, that limit your mobility or your point of view.

Pictures, videos or animations: Use all kinds of media to project perspectively independent to all forms and formats.

The EDGE System offers absolut freedom in designing and placing your media. Polygons, triangles or curves and round edges, with the EDGE your projection is always exactly on the edge.

Manage and control multiple EDGEs with our web based multichannel Content Management System.

The EDGE C is a compact video server. The system is operated via our advanced EDGE C App. Processing power, handling, comfort and the right features for your projects.

The DS stands for Digital Signage. With our multichannel Content Management System the projection is centrally controlled and managed remotely.


Concept and Service
Concept development and implementation – we will advise you with your project. With our reliable partners and suppliers we guarantee quality and reliability. We create the right solution for your ideas.

German Design Award
IKT Innovation