This help site ist seprated in EDGE C and EDGE DS. In the EDGE C section you’ll find answers to possible questions and the download links for the EDGE C manual, the Quickstart Guide. In the EDGE DS section we’ll explain the main features of the CMS, as well as the categories Assets, Playlists, Media Player and Tags.


Where can I download the EDGE C Quickstart Guide?

The EDGE C Quickstart is delivered together with the EDGE C. You can download the PDF version here: Quickstart Guide

I can’t connect my iPad with the EDGE.

Their won’t be a checkmark in front of the connection in the settings of the iPad but it is connected.
If you still have problems with the connection, check the App and the Server for updates. If the connection still does not work, please contact us with most information about the case under help@light-instruments.de.

The picture taken by the camera is blurred.

Adjust the focus by turning the lens to the left or right.
By pressing Update Cam you can take the next picture and review the focus.

Your content is not played back correctly.

Check, if your content has got the right format.
The EDGE supports videos in mp4 in H.264, JPGs und PNGs.
If your videos are played back incorrectly, convert your content with the Adobe Media Encoder.

The USB folder does not display the media although the USB stick is connected to the server

The USB stick needs the preset in FAT32. Make sure that the content is in the formats mp4, jpg or png.
If that is sure, check the sections “media” or “videos” below:

Make sure, that the EDGE C App got the access right for pictures on your iPad. Otherwise pictures and videos can’t be displayed in the folder. The access right can be adjusted for the App at any time in the main settings of the iPad.

Check if your video is in mp4-format. Depending on the size of the file, it may take some time, until the explorer displays the file. To refresh the explorer, reopen the folder.

The content of the USB stick is displayed but not played back on the iPad.

Check in the export settings of your video converter, if the video is fitting your iPad:

iPad 3:
H.264 Video up to 1080p, 30 fps, High Profile Level 4.1

iPad 2:
H.264 Video up to 1080p, 30 fps, High Profile Level 4.1

iPad 1:
H.264 Video up to 720p, 30 fps, Main Profile Level 3.1

If you use Adobe Media Encoder / After Effects take care to activate the iPod support in the multiplexer settings.

In Adobe Media Encoder in mulitplexer:


In After Effects in format settings


in mulitplexer:


I run several EDGEs parallelly and can’t assign the EDGE via the name of the WLAN.

The WLAN name results from the Mac address that can be found underneath the EDGE server.

Tip: Change the WLAN name in the system settings via your EDGE App.



Where do I find the EDGE DS CMS Quickstart Guide?

You can download the EDGE DS CMS Quickstart Guide here: Quickstart Guide CMS


What is an Asset?

An Asset is a media file.

Which format of files can I upload?

Assets can be uploaded in the formats JPG, PNG and MP4 (H.264).

How can I upload a file?

Upload Assets using the Upload Icon at the top right of the Assets category. This opens a dialog box for selecting the media files.

How can I delete an Asset?

You can delete an asset using the Delete Asset drop-down menu on the right side of the asset.

I can not delete an Asset. Why?

Assets used in playlists can not be deleted. You must first remove it from the playlist.


How do I create a Playlist?

Playlists can be created by selecting the Plus Symbol at the top right of the Playlist category.

How can I add Assets to a playlist?

Assets are assigned to a Playlist by drag & drop.

How can I change the order of the Assets in a Playlist?

Open the expanded view by clicking the arrow next to the drop-down menu on the right side of the Playlist. The assets assigned to the Playlist are displayed here. The Assets can now be dragged and dropped into the desired order.

How can I change the duration of an Asset (JPG, PNG)?

Change the duration of Assets by selecting the Asset in the advanced view of the Playlist and enter the desired duration in the field duration in the format hh:mm:ss.

How can I change the start and end times of a Playlist?

In the start and stop input fields, the date and time can be changed in the extended view of the playlist in the format dd:mm:yyyy and hh:mm:ss. Further input possibilities see under other.

How can I assign a Playlist to a Media Player?

Assign a Playlist to a Media Player via drag & drop. The Playlist is now assigned to all the areas of the Media Player.

Playlists can of course also be assigned to individual surfaces of a Media Player. To do this, first open the extended view of the media player and assign the required playlist to a single surface of the media player via drag & drop.


What is a Media Player?

A Media Player is an EDGE DS Server.

What does the green icon indicates?

The Media Player is switched on and connected to the internet.

What does the red icon indicates?

The Media Player is not switched on or not connected to the internet.

What does the yellow icon indicates?

The yellow icon indicates that a change on the Media Players content is not yet synchronized.

How do I synchronize a Media Player?

The Media Player can be synchronized in the drop-down menu of the Media Player. The synchronization process is displayed at the bottom right. If the synchronization is successful, you will be notified. In the event of a synchronization error a notification will be displayed. Depending on the connection and the size of the file, the synchronization may take some time.

How can I add Surfaces to a Media Player?

Surfaces are created with the EDGE DS app at the installation site. You assign a Playlist to a new surface by updating the Media Player with the Import Surfaces function from the drop-down menu on the right side of the Media Player.

How can I delete a Surface?

Surfaces can only be deleted using the EDGE DS app. Afterwards bring the media player up to date with the Import Surfaces function.

How can I change the name of a Surface?

Surfaces can be named initially in the EDGE DS app. Posterior name changes can only be made via the CMS. To do this, select the area in the extended view of the Media Player and rename it. In order to display the name changes in the EDGE DS app update the Media Player with the Import Surfaces function in the settings of the EDGE DS app.

How can I access the camera of the Media Player?

Use the Camera function in the Media Players drop-down menu. A current camera image is displayed.

How can I retrieve the graphics card output?

The graphics card of the Media Player can be retrieved with Graphic Card in the Media Players drop-down menu. The current graphics output of the Media Player is displayed.


What are Tags?

Tags are self-selected names for Assets, Playlists and Media Players. They help structuring the media content and simplify the search for Assets, Playlists and Media Players.

How do I create Tags?

Add Tags to Assets, Playlists or Media Players by selecting it. Then place one or more Tags in the Add Tag box. When creating Tags, a hashtag is automatically set before the word.

How do I search for Tags?

You can search for Tags in the global search as well as in the categories Assets, Playlists and Media Players. This only displays items with the Tag you are looking for.


What do the colors declare?

The current selection is marked with dark blue on the left side. Subordinated elements (e.g., Assets that are part of the selected Playlist) are marked with light blue. Parent elements (for example, which Media Player the selected Playlist is assigned to) are marked with yellow.

How do I change my password?

The password can be changed in the settings. The settings can be accessed at the bottom of the profile on the left side. In My Password the current password is required, then fill in the new password, and a repetition of the new password. The new password must be at least 8 digits. You will then receive a confirmation mail.

How do I change my profile picture?

Profile pictures can be changed via the platform Gravatar. You need a WordPress account for the change.

Possibilities of entering the duration, date and time

Times can be entered in different ways. The input can be done manually via the TimePicker. In addition, standard formulations (such as 20 sec, 20S or 00:00:20) can be entered in the input field.


Don’t hesitate to contact us with further questions:

Email: info@light-instruments.de